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Hi, my name is Peter. I wanted to start rearing kienyeji layers for a week old. How do I get them and the cost? I am from Eldoret. Thank you

Hi Peter. The sale of kienyeji chicks is a private venture and as such, I would advise you to get in touch with the nearest livestock production office as they would be in a better position to direct you to a farmer rearing kienyeji chicken in your area.

I am a kienyeji chicken farmer. What are the chickens vaccinations required for disease prevention? Jeff Onyango,Voi

Chicks are should be vaccinated against New-Castle Disease (NCD) on 1st and 2nd week of age, Gumboro (IBD) on 2nd and 4th week of age. Vaccination against these two diseases should then be done every 6 months for the entire flock or at the onset of the dry season for NCD and IBD. On the 8th and 10th week of age you should vaccinate against fowl typhoid and fowl pox, respectively. Also do not forget the issue on deworming, this should be done on the 12th week of age and thereafter after every 3 months. You can visit your local agro-vet dealer to acquire these vaccinations and for further assistance on the mode of administration.

About the Kienyeji Chicken, I have around 15 of them, but the problem is, I've been let down with coccidiosis, which are the best drugs? Rev Avudiko Geoffrey

Hi Geoffrey. Different brands of coccidiostats are available in the market and if you visit an agro-vet retail outlet, the attendant will be able to advise you accordingly. Nevertheless, the use of such agents without further measures to reduce the risk of re-infection will provide only a short, temporary improvement.
The most effective control measure is to minimize the risk of infection by improving the conditions within the poultry house through ensuring proper ventilation, proper manure management, keeping the poultry house clean and dry, and avoid overcrowding.

Please advice me on which is the best incubator to purchase on the market today. Fred Obimbo, Eldoret

Hi Fred Obimbo. Incubators come in different sizes; these range from 100 eggs capacity, 500 eggs capacity, 1000 eggs capacity up to 10,000 eggs capacity. When you ask for the best incubator, this will depend on your production capacity. The prices vary with the size of the incubator capacity; from about Kshs 20,000 for the 100 capacity to about Kshs 220,000 for the 1000 capacity depending on the vendor.

Hello, Kindly advise where I can purchase peacock chicks or eggs for hatching. I am interested in rearing them. Provide contacts if possible. Masharia mwangi, Murang'a

Hi Mwangi. Peacock farming is an emerging venture and as such farmers are few and far between in the country. Currently, the only farmer am aware of is one from Kilifi who has specialized peacock farming. I don’t have the contacts as of now but I will try to get in contact with the farmer to get more information for you.

I have six turkeys, one tom and five hens. When does a turkey hen start laying eggs? And is there a good market for the eggs and the birds in Kenya? I live in Ngong town.

Hi. A mature turkey hen will start laying eggs at about 36 weeks of age (this will depend on genetics and on proper nutrition management during the early stages of life), with 10-12 eggs in a clutch. Market for turkey meat and eggs is mostly in the hotel industry. You can visit the high end hotels and draw up contracts with them for you to supply them with meat and eggs on a regular basis.


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