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Indigenous Chicken Improvement Project is a collaborative research project between Egerton University, Wageningen University, University of Malawi and other Stakeholders.

The project is located at Egerton University Njoro, Department of Animal Sciences.

The research agenda is collaborative and is implemented in collaboration with an indigenous chicken consortia.The first phase of the project kicked off in the year 2012 and will run for five years.


The programme is intended to enable smallholder, and other disadvantaged stakeholders in Kenya and Malawi to be involved in a coordinated IC sub-sector through improvement of productivity of IC and promotion of their utilisation along the ICPVC and promotion of partnerships in service delivery and agribusiness development thus alleviating poverty and ensuring income and food seccurity.

To achieve this it is indispensable to have environmentally friendly production methods and develop improved IC technologies and validate them.

In addition, qualified staff and well laid policies to advance IC production are required to facilitate dissemination of these technologies through promotion of partnerships in service delivery and agribusiness development.

With the current poverty levels and the need to address environmental concerns, it is important to foster interdisciplinary research and academic November 2010 APF Application form for submission on 3rd May 2011 Page 10 of 79 partnership.

This will help in the development of expert knowledge in IC production and environmental management.

An African-European collaborative network is needed. This action targets private-public sector partnerships that equip smallholder farmers and specialists to sustain quality IC production.


INCIP programme will identify stakeholders and form governance consortium that will also be instrumental in the IC sub-sector even after the conclusion of the project.

Key issues about the broad objective and the specific circumstances in the different countries and regions will have been determined and analysed at the conclusion of the project.

The exchange experiences and research outputs between the partner institutions will be institutionalised and made available on internet by mounting a database for any publication in IC production.

High producing ecotypes and composites will be identified and the composition and quality of their meat and eggs determined.

In addition, ecotypes resistant to priority diseases and their nutritional requirements and optimal feeding strategies will be determined. This will be achieved through experiments done on station and on farm.

Partners will therefore have adverse knowledge and experience on how to manage IC under on station and on farm conditions, especially under smallholder production environment and competently transfer the learnt skills to non-participating institutions.


Indigenous Chicken
Indigenous Chicken
Indigenous Chicken
Indigenous Chicken
Indigenous Chicken
Indigenous Chicken


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